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Satoshi Hashimoto and Katsumasa Matsui founded "Art User Conference" (AUC)"
AUC was founded with the concept of “undifferentiating”uncivilized field that should be adventured.

Kaze-no-sawa Museum is like a huge pond suddenly appeared in the rich natural of satoyama (the whole area of the village through the fields spread from foot of the mountain close to the cities and villages).In that pond, there are zillion microbial "flagellates" and other similar living forms. Flagellate of microorganisms will be collected in this land.When you come in contact with the water in that huge pond, you will not be able to see the microscopic flagellate.However, rather than not able to see, the fact is that we're looking at the flagellates as the muddy color of water.Our consciousness is not able to differentiate the pond and the microorganisms.And yet, you are "seeing" everyting at the same time.This is called undifferentiated.

AUC was operated by American Contemporary Artist Robert Smithson.One of his early artworks is "Spiral Jetty". He has a great influence on the modern artists. His activity was approaching the fundamental review of the concept of art and culture of up to it.

"Process of obtaining knowledge is not a process to know that it did not know. We think of the process of differentiation that was undifferentiated. As the spirit grows, the concept of the world to collapse and fall apart.Robert Smithson was thinking, Mental like the earth also in the collapse process. And regardless of whether the person is alive or dead, "Robert Smithson" is also the collapse of the process. Smithson work every seen, increasing the cracks, the text go cracks in each to be read."(AUC)

Smithson does not exist the world but he is making,it is a project "Robert Smithson Robert Smithson without" that due to the AUC.AUC says that "We rescue it trapped in the cage that public or art". AUC is depression in suppression area to protect the objective work image and the objective figures.AUC has been continued to research of Robert Smithson for many years. Their art work is not a arbitrary imagination and interpretation. Virtual world based on scientific knowledge, it is the work to achieve the stage of science fiction.

AUC is how the presence of the author also disrupt. Please to experience their works.

Yumi Song, Director of Kazenosawa Museum

Exhibition Dates

  • Satday 18 April – Sunday 22 November 2015
  • 11am to 5pm
  • Closed Wednesday and Thursday.
  • *October and Novenber is 11am to 4pm
  • Adult 700yen(Group ticket 600yen,More than 20 people)
  • Under 19s go free
  • Parking 20 cars
  • 0228-52-2811
  • 987-2302 Sotonosawa 11, katakosawa, kuriharashi, Miyagi, Japan
  • (japanese)


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